Rm 250

Well my buddy picked up a used 07 rm250 sat.

He has riddin for about 30 min so far but tommarrow we are planning to do about 55 miles on a desert trail.

His old bike was a xr400 which he was able to go pretty far but we have no clue how far his 2-stroke will go. Anyone know?

2.1 gal on a reg. tank of gas...

you probably won't make it 55 miles

It depends on the terrain and speed...and riding attitude.. the worst mine ever got was 23miles on a tank.... I don't think it'll go 55

Yeah, he should pack some fuel w/ him. It probably would be close, though.

I'd start sweating after 40.

Pack or stash some gas.

might want to think about buying a bigger tank. or bring some pop bottles full of gas

Bring more gas!!!

Ya hes wanting to upgrade to a ims 3.2 because all we do is ride desert. The trails we are doing consist of sand washes and whoops..3rd to 5th most of the time. Were most likley gonna bring more gas

Not sure how many miles it is, but I get around 100 kilometres +/- around 5 on my YZ, but like already mentioned it depends ALOT on how you are riding, what terrain, rider weight, etc.

HAHA long distances on a 2 stroke does not go very well

Its not built for distance, thats for sure

haha he made it last around 30 miles, so about 45 min of riding

carry a backpack with milk jugs of gas in them

not going to make it!

Naw we did a loop insted so he had enough gas

This was actually the first time i rode a 250 2-stroke, i honestly fell in love with it haha. I might have to go scoop one up and add a larger tank for the desert riding i do

I can go a little over 40 miles with My 2004 model.Pack a little gas, or change the route..........good luck......Dr.D........

I could get about 45 trail miles out of my '02 RM250. Beyond that it's time to push.

If you do decide to carry extra gas, the best way is a bigger tank. 2nd best is an Acerbis number plate gas tank and the big ones are worth about 1 gallon. Beyond that if it's not approved for gas then your taking a big chance. A friend used to stash gas on some bigger trail rides and he used 1 quart glass beer bottles with screw on caps. They worked great as long as they were not in direct sun. If they were the gas would expand and push the cap off.

Personally I would never put gas in a milk jug. I've seen gas totally disolve one from the inside out. And if you had one in a back pack and it started to leak ~ well, if you didn't catch on fire then the gas alone would cause a major rash if you didn't wash it off.

Pop bottles are tough and I've never tried to use one to transfer gas. Personally I would let someone else try it first. Better yet, I would just find a bigger tank for my bike.

just pre test any container and lid your gonna try to see if its gonna disolve

guys l have talked to suggested something like this, there meant for camping fuel and sold at camping stores, i suspect if its safe for kerosene its ok for gasoline..


Dont worry i got the same issues with my 125, im trying to sort out a fuel solution myself

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