are the rims on my drz400s interchangable with stock drz400sm rims

hey im was wondering if i get a set of rims off of a drz400sm can i make them work on my drz400s. thanks for any help u can give

Yes, but you will need to use the disks off of your SM wheels though. Or vice versa.

Search button is your friend:thumbsup:

i believe the wheels are interchangeable, but you'll need to use S model brake rotors as the rotor diameters are different from S to SM. i just got a set of S wheels for my SM and i need to get a set of SM rotors to make them fit properly. If there's anyone out there who is familiar with these swaps, please jump in and enlighten us.


Yes. Do a search. This has been covered multiple times.

Easy to do, swap SM rotors onto S rims. I just did it. The front caliper is a tight fit, I took mine off from the 2 mounting bolts just to make sure I did not scratch the rim removing it.

thank guys i realy apreciate your help.

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