SW-Motech Skidplate for 96 on DR650

I'm interested in whether any other brands of skid plates are mounted as nicely as the SW-Motech model. Twistedthrottle's website shows the details on the PDF install option, it's isolated away from the frame, sanitary rubber bushing setup as well, everything I'm looking for.

Deal buster, it's listed as being of 3mm gauge aluminum, 1/8" thickness and as much as my new to me 07 DR650 isn't intended for serious offroad use, the 1/8" thickness leaves me a little sceptical for anything more than rock spray protection...

Does the Turbocity unit keep fully away from contacting the frame and how sano, beefy are the mounts etc.

Anyone with experience with running the SW-Motech skidplate and how well it holds up to everyday use etc...

Would be interested to hearing of other alternatives that are in this quality range of fit and frame isolation.

Thanks for any and all input folks.

Best of the Season to all !


The TC skidplate mounts differently then any others I have seen. No chance of running a bolt through the cases like some other installs. The engine protection bars are pretty cool looking and tuff. They are steel though. I wish they had gone with aluminum there as they did with the 5mm thick bash plate.

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