01 kx85 suspension setup for ruts

Hi i have a 01 kx85 and yesterday i went for a 4 hour ride with a guy on an xr400

and as suspected i got my ass whooped.:eek::p

i have no chance on beating an xr400 on a straight so my only chance is up and down hill.:p:busted:

and these hills are very very very rutted, so what would be the best set up for riding up and down rutted hills, softer/harder suspension, any tips would be appreciated.:moon::p :p :mad:

thanks in advance.

oh and im 45 kilos-99lbs

oh and im 45 kilos-99lbs

a flywheel weight

bumpity bump

anyone knock knock

its not the bike. the xr is a huge heavy terd. he will beat you in top speed but you can spank em in the nasty stuff. do some research on how to ride ruts, your only problem would be ground clearance

thanks i will

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