Best way to break in new boots?

Hey guys, just got some alpine stars tech 3! they are really nice, these are my first pair of boots and since its winter im wondering the best ways I can break these in??

Wear them around the house for a few hours

Walk around the house in them...start to do it like a week before riding or your legs will be saw or have blisters. Or get in the bath tub with them on...then when wet go for a walk in them...but MAKE SURE that you dry them properly...or man will they go eww...

Or just go riding in them...that always

I have the same boots and they are quite stiff when new. The best way is too ride. It will be hard to shift at first but, after an hour or two they start to loosen up. If you cant ride because of winter then just put them on and walk around your house. It will probably take longer this way but, if you do it a couple times a week they will be broken in in no time.

Just wearing and riding in them. Anyone that tells you to soak them in water obviously doesn't understand that even though the leather will dry out, it still breeds bacteria and slowly rots. Stitching doesn't get off as easily since it rots and weakens even more, decreasing the lifespan of the boot. And when boots do get wet, don't stick a hair dryer insde them. That also helps break them down and loosens up any adhesives and can distort molded plastic parts.

My Fox F3 boots were pretty pliable after 2 hours of riding. My previous Forma Pros took about 4 hours. My Aplinestars road race boots SMX Plus and SMX only take about an hour of riding/walking around. It's worth the patience.

Just RIDE with them..::moon:

Alpinestars are comfy right out of the box:thumbsup: :busted:

I normally put 2 pairs of socks on and walk around the house and yard, much to the dislike of my wife i've mowed the yard with them on before:lol:

I had Tech 3's and read somewhere on here to put them in the over at about 250 until they get heated up. Once heated take them out and put them on and let the cool while you walk around. Helps to break them in a little.

All sounds like good advice. My .02 I wear them around the house for about a week. I dont think their too comfy out of the box.

put the dog on a leash and take him (or her) for a walk. did that with my quadrants... worked like a charm!

Hey guys, just got some alpine stars tech 3! they are really nice, these are my first pair of boots and since its winter im wondering the best ways I can break these in??

Me too! Today was my first day ive rode with my tech 3's and they feel broken in really fast!So much of a difference from my old tech 6's

yeah i like mine too and not so expensive:thumbsup:

not to steal the thread, but i am looking for new boots and i tried some on today. the size 11s felt good, but just a little tight, i was thinking that they would loosen up once broke in and be perfect. but is that a good "rule of thumb" when purchasing new boots?



i used to mow the lawn in them when i was younger before i left for the weekend i would brake them in and my parents would make me mow the lawn, my neighbors thought i was retarted...theyre rite. but who cares it workd!

put boots on. Start bike. twist throttle.

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