ttr 125L rear sprockets

Does anyone know where I could get a 49 tooth blue anodized rear sprocket for the GFs ttr? I have the LE version and geared up to a 49 in the rear (from 54) first gear was too short, it was a big change, the bike is fine with her on it but for me well its too tall, I then added a 120 link did gold racing chain so Im stuck with the 49 but Ill be putting a 12 on the front and that should put me back near the original gearing. All that said shes now crying for a blue colored anodized sprocket like renthall makes but noone seems to have it for the ttr125Le any thoughts on where I might find one?

found another option has them for 62.95 but they make them from scratch, talked to Lee over there and he says they can do it! thanks for the help.....

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