Fuel Screw Ratings

I just replaced the stock fuel screw with one from Sunline. I noticed a small amount of side to side play when set at 1.5 turns out. I will track test it tomorrow. How about sharing what you use and how you rate it, 1-10..

I have the Sunline fuel screw too and I've had mine out to 3 1/4 full turns and haven't had any problems with it. Since then, I've rejetted and now have it at about 1/2-1 turn out.

Turner from motosport. Works fine but is a little difficult to turn (especailly when the motor is hot). If I had it to do over I would buy one of the ones that is mounted remotely (R&D brand comes to mind).

KoubaLink, $20. I like the T handle better than the knobs. With the T I can push or pull on it with 1 finger, knobs I have to get my finger and thumb in there.

My bike likes 1.5 turns with a 45 pilot, 2.5 to 3 with a 42. I use the highest stable rpm method using a digital tach with the motor good n hot.

If you thinks the screw is a littlle loose you can use a rubber band to the idle adjust screw. Recomended if your out at 3 with it.

I just put the sunline in the bike we got, I noticed the little bit of play but I havent noticed a negative side effect or anything, I think its easy to turn, I just use both index fingers, one pulling and one pushing in the grooves.

Hey, I got the zyp ty fuel screw it as a big knurled knob on it, makes it easy to adjust and no side play at 2.5 turns out

Gotta love the R & D fuel screw! Easy to adjust, no play, doesn't self-adjust, etc.

If you want to see a pic of mine, it's at http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=707827&page=1 (sorry, you gotta wade through the rest of the post but it's a great pic of the fuel screw...)

Ran the bike a full day at the track yesterday. No problems with the Sunline self adjusting even with the small side to side play. I give it a thumbs up. Thanks for the feedback.

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