Mounting a Hsr-42 carb..

Recently ordered a hsr-42 :busted:


I have read that it is som problem mounting it. So, if anyone could post at pic, or two, on their installation, I would be really happy!

Edit: It is the xr650r I'm talking about.

hey mate

they require adapters to fit the XR-R

I took mine to the machinist and they did up some really nice looking adapters for about the price of the sudco ones, but doing it much faster for me.

You then need to completely rejet it.

Good starter settings for a stock bike uncorked:

22.5 pilot - 3 turns out

1.2 air jet

9DJy01 needle - 3rd clip

Y4 needle jet

137.5 main jet

#50 nozzle from HSR42 - firing at the needle

this is working well for me, but may not be perfect yet.

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