need some help finding online vendors

Hey guys I am needing some help finding some online vendors that have good prices for DNA wheels and Warp9 wheels. This is for supermoto. I have been doing some thinking about what everyone has said about making wheels fit that I have found online and what a pain it would be. I have looked into a suggestion of trying DNA or Warp9 wheels. I have been reading non stop since lastnight about peoples reviews of the brands and overall they seem to be good. I am not a pro, infact have never done supermoto but want to. I am low on cash (no job right now) and would usually go for the excel setup but there are not to many used ones for my price range for a 07 wr450. So anyways I would like some help if you can, post some links of good deals on these wheels sets. I have been looking a while now and have not found anything under $799. My dialup connection also slows down my progress. saw in peoples reviews that they were getting sets for like $500-$600. Thanks guys.

Check ebay. Just pay attention to the shipping costs.

Yeah I will continue to watch ebay. I just did not know if there were any vendors on this site that people recommend. I watch craigslist, smj, here, and ebay. Other than that I have seen everything on motostrano, but am trying to find the lowest price I can so that I can afford to get the rest of the supermoto stuff like sliders, and fender, and misc, parts. Thanks

Search the forums, here and, for "East coast wheeels". You will find MANY threads with people, myself included, complaining/ranting about the HORRIBLE service received there. They take your money very quickly, but send you your wheels whenever they feel like it. Some people love them and defend them like crazy, but there are far more complaints about them. I have personal experience there and would never recommend them.

Thanks for the heads up on that site.

Also thanks BSR-1 for the link. I did not think of searching for dirtbike wheels and asking them about supermoto. I will message the guy right now.

I will post more when I find them.

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