V-Force Reeds

I'm still somewhat new to 2-strokes so please forgive my ignorance of simple matters. I bought a 2001 YZ125 and the PO had installed V-Force reeds. I noticed the intake boot is cracked so, is the OEM intake boot used with V-Force reeds or is a V-Force boot required?


v force uses the stock boot, the Boyesen rad valve comes with its own

Those boots have a tendency to show surface cracks that are not all the way through. Spray some starting fluid on the boot while the bike is running. If the R.P.M.s increase then it is likely the boot is leaking. If you don't notice an increase in R.P.M.'s then I would not worry about it right away. You still have some time left on it.

Thanks for the replies. I noticed the crack on the inside of the boot after removing the carb for cleaning. I will inspect it further when I get the chance.

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