Ride Eng. Wheel spacers?

Does anybody run these on their bike? Do they stay on the wheel like the the advertising says they do? Is it worth replacing the stockers?

Personally i think if u put a bit of grease on the ones u have now and are careful save your 30$ or w.e they cost... Really companies like that just design shit for the lazy people... like sure they look nice and sound appealing but who knows.. its not gonna make u a faster rider and how often do u have the tires off to need them.. know wat i mean?

Yeah, I know, sometimes they do fall off when I'm trying to get the tire to drop into place and get the axle in.

it happens to the best of us..if u have the extra cash laying around go for it.. but personally every other rider just does it without

i put them on my sons bike,i was pimpin it a bit.

they are pretty good but will fall out like the stock ones

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