250x better skid plate?

Flatland Racing. Here is their skid plate and radiator braces



The Hyde plate is what I run. It is quieter than aluminum and easy to take off for oil changes (even with the hole changing the oil and filter is messy, IMO). The one you listed is better than nothing, but a waste of cash unless you add better guards if you ride in rocks. I used one of those WC plates with the stock guards and busted my engine side cover. I believe WC makes a full coverage plate too but it is pricey. http://www.hyderacing.com/store/dirtbike/honda/crf_250.htm

I've been running the WC plate like in your photo for a couple of years now with no problems.

+1 on the Hyde Skid Plate. Like its lightness and ease of removal.

Flatland is a great company, and their aluminum plate is definitely good value and should take care of most riders. After ~100 hours mine was pretty well toast, and not worth welding. My CRF was lowered 2", which certainly didn't help.

If you ride in brutal rocks, the $185 works connection heavy duty plate is the best I've seen.


I've use the DeVol aluminum plate for 4 years and it does a decent job of protecting the engine cases and side covers, but is a bit of a pain going on. It has welded-on wings similiar to the Flatland one pictured above, so you can ditch the stock plastic pieces. Cost is in the $80-$90 range.

The pic you posted is a "glide" plate...generally considered adequate for MX. There are many skid plates that offer full protection for offroad.The "skid plates" generally have the wings welded on or are one piece. Works Connection is definitely the beefiest, but also the priciest and heaviest. I have been running the Devol for a year with no problems...Where I ride is not rocky though.

+3 on the Hyde. It doesn't make the engine bay noisier like aluminum and doesn't affect the frame flex. Honestly, I don't know why someone didn't think of this sooner...............

+4 on the Hyde ... have bashed and crashed the same one for over two years .. it looks like a train wreck now but is still in one piece and still doing its job ...

AH, a glide plate....I think that is more of what I had in mind. I didn't realize the difference at first....so thanks for all the replies.

I won't be doing much rock crawling, if any at all. Mostly will be doing MX and easy to moderate trails with the family.

The glide plate is probably a perfect fit for my anticipated needs....but I'm going to take a look at the Hyde before making a final decision.



I got an carbon fiber skid plate from e-line . Its pretty much indestructable. Its got a kevlar layer sandwitched between carbon fiber. Its quiet,its tough as nails and doesn't bend ,or dent or throw off the flex character of your frame. Its slightly flexable ,which is great for your frame flexing. Mine's been on for three years now and looks great. probably good for another couple of years. I ride rocky mountain terrain ...lots flying up at this thing. I find the alum ones bend and are hard to install after removal ..specially if its been dented and bent up a bit.

I put the utah sports cycle on my daughter's 250X and it fit great and is extremely tough! Do yourself a favor and add some foam tape on the frame rails when installing to reduce the engine noise that increases when adding a skid plate (and helps protect the aluminum frame rails as well). BTW- the thickness is slightly thinner (0.162) then the enduro engineering plates on both of my KTMs (0.186) (not sure what thickness the other makes are) but it hasn't bent or dented so looks to be a bit cheaper to buy and no loss in protection.

Utah Sport Cycle


I just bought the Devol and really liked the look of it. After installation, I really liked it. We put the WC on my boys 150R, but it doesn't have the protection of the Devol. I like the Utah plate also. Look at them and see which you like best. The Devol had more air slots, if it matters.

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