AC or DC

Hi all,

I have been setting my 450 up for trail rideing over the last couple of months. I've been looking at trailtech products they seem like good quality. I'm going with a heavier flywheel and a lighting stator. They have the option of going AC or DC. My first question is, are these bikes already running on AC and I just need a higher output stator and the headlight.

The only reason i'm asking is if I go with a DC stator and I wanted to have a cooling fan in the future they run on DC power. If I go with DC will I need to convert some of the power to AC to run the bike.

Thanks Chris

If youre putting a head light on youll need a higher wattage capable stator. With regard to AC or DC, most of the time they run AC unless youre trying to charge a battery too and then you'll need to add a rectifier too, to change the AC into DC. If you dont need a battery, you can just run AC and a regulator to prevent blowing up the bulbs when the stator puts out 70 volts or so when you rev it..

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