plans for my carb

im getting a new bike so where im putting most my money instead of a pipe is into the carb, my plans are to get a carb wing, accelerator pump cover, accelerator pump spring, new allan bolt set [instead of those weak phillips on the bowl], a magnetic carb bowl drain bolt, and some nice colorful hoses, and give my carb to zip-ty racing for a carb modification, do you think thats overkill? and spending money that doesnt need to be spent?

its going to be on a kx250f also

Definitely get the AP spring and an ALJ (adjustable leak jet) like the ones from Merge Racing. Sure, the allen bolts are a good thing to do so I'd do that too. If the colorful hoses make you happy, then do them. But the mag bowl cover is waste (how much dirt in fuel is metallic?). The wing is merely a bandaid for poor jetting. Once you have the ALJ and AP spring on, Check and set the AP timing (which is 99% of what ZipTy does). Then tweak the ALJ by riding. You will spend under $200.00, easy to do this.

well screw zip ty aha, and yea i was kinda iffy on the fin, and i doubt i need the mag bolt cause i even put a fuel filter on the hose that goes from the tank to the carb to be safe the thiers the petcock screen, but i might get a colorful one to spice things up

and how do you set the AP timing?

oh, well i already tied my AP link arms to eachother with a wire anyway, i rode a kx450f today and im sayin screw the 250f im gettin a 450f wich means no plans for any carb tuning cept that AP mod

The wire is not a good thing to do unless you go through the steps to ensure the AP diaphragm rivet is not bottoming out. Tweaking the timing screw also is a good thing to do, if it needs it. If you sell your bike, the better it runs, the easier the sale.

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