Not happy with DRD exhaust

Okay, so the pipe is great actually, fit is good, power is great, I even have one on my girl's YFZ and it sounds great. However, on the WR I don't like the sound of it. Maybe it's OCD, but I like for my machines to have a deep powerful sound, and this one isn't very deep sounding, sounds more like a 250F or something smaller. It sounds really good and deep on the YFZ, but the can on the YFZ is a bit longer, so I'm sure that's what makes it sound better. So, I'm looking at maybe getting an FMF slip-on, because the ones I've heard on youtube(and i know its not real life) have that much deeper sound I desire. So for those who have actually heard the DRD and FMF in real life, do you think the FMF sounds better? So anyhow, i may have a full system DRD exhaust up for sale if anyone is interested, be a good price for sure, I have a quiet core to go with it, it does have a couple small scratches on it, and unfortunately a very, very, small little dent that is under the side panel so you can't see. (It goes right on without a problem, but when I went to take just the silencer off after running the machine, it was a PITA, that's where the scartches and small dent came from.)


i had a yfz450 with a 9" nMotion full system and never heard anything louder than that....IT WAS OBNOXIOUS!!

now with my wr450 i have a fmf factory 4.1 carbon slipon and i think it sounds wonderful! kinda loud but not too much.....deep but not so raspy....pretty smooth. it might sound different if you add cams or a header...

Hmmm, I wonder if your silencer is just packed differently. I think the sound is perfect and plenty deep. I've never really paid attention to the other brands but I always thought mine sounded less raspy.

As for taking the silencer/muffler off I've never had a problem. But I've never tried when it was hot--could be a metal expansion issue.

As much rock riding as I do, and all the falls I've had, I couldn't be happier with the durability.

Thats a good idea, I may pull the packing out to check it. Yeah the same pipe sounds awesome on the YFZ. The can is about 1 1/2" longer on it, you wouldn't think that would make a huge difference, but it may. I don't know why it was a bear to come off, it was cold, but it was like it was welded together, lol. The look is great, and like you said, can't be the durability.

YZ cams will make change how the bike sounds.

I have a Dr. D. pipe on my 08 and when I switched cams it sounded like a different bike.

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