Overflowing Carb

Installed a new Throttle screw and main jet. Started the bike up, adjusted the throttle screw, took it for a ride and now the carb bowl is overflowing out the overflow. Took the carb back off, floats look fine, no other obvious problems. Any ideas? Thanks.

Has to be float related.

Debris in the float needle valve

Float 'hanging up' on something

I bet if you pull the carb, take the bowl and float off, carefully re-assermble, the problem will be gone. Check the float needle area for crap.

Good deal. I figureed it had to be a stuck float. When I had to top plate off to find out where the needle clip was on my bike, I sprayed it out with carb cleaner. That must be where it picked up some dirt. I'll pull it out and clean it. Thanks for the help.

Never spray a FCR with carb cleaner. It can damage rubber parts. There is a seal on the slide for the vacuum release plate. Eletrical parts cleaner or brake parts cleaner, they are non-damaging to rubber and plastics.

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