2006 kx250f vs 2007 kx250f Motor question

I need help, I am rebuilding my 07 kx250f and need engine cases and my question is are the engine cases off an 06 any different or even off an 05 any different. I know it is a different frame, but was thinking that they were the same motor? Any help would be great. Thanks.

since the frames are different I bet the motor mounts are different but I'm not positive.

I believe the cases are the same from 04 to 08. They had some internal changes from year to year but a 05 motor will bolt into a 08 and vice versa.

There were minor changes each year, but all engines fit from -04 to -08.

The -08 got reinforcments in the cases round the crank as only difference, don´t know exactly how much it affects. Doesn´t matter though, as cases are replaced in sets...

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