93 CR250..anyone have/had one??

Im slowly rebuilding one for a friend and Im thinking I'll likely end up with it. Either way is there any parts that can be swapped out between different years??

Thanks. Its not going up for sale though.

I had a '93 about 8 years ago, it was a great bike! I've yet to this day felt a better bike in turns and on whoops.

most parts from 91-96 can be swapped around. after that they went with aluminum frames

I owned one great bike for its time. As mentioned above most parts will interchange from 92-96...

Great!! Thanks

I have a 92 that runs good and turns even better. It's in my garage check it out.

I got one with the heaviest flywheel weight and stock gearing. I'm over 300 pounds with gear on and the power delivery is very smooth for me. It still screams on the top end for me, but I really do not notice the abrupt hit, like on the yz125 I used to ride.

The bike has been reliable and I have had it for 11 months, just riding trails.

I have had others around 200 pounds ride the bike and tell me that the front end wants to come up, I guess thats the difference between 100 pounds of fat? :busted:

I have found for me I think I should gear it just a tiny bit lower. If I were on a flat but nasty hillclimb I have found that its possible to bog the bike down a little in 3rd gear, like its fighting to pull unless totally pinned with momentum.

But my other problem is I do not want, nor can I handle a wheelie monster. I jumped on my first bike 3 years ago and I do not think I have advanced as much as I should have skill wise.

I have no idea if any of that helped you :moon:

My friends has a 95 top end and PC pipe on it now. Thanks for the input!!

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