What size tires?

Im building some supermoto wheels for my DRZ 250. :moon: If my rear rim size is 17" x 4.25, and the front rim is 17" x 3.0 What size tires should I go with and will they fit my bike? Thanks for any help on this. :busted:

I have an XL350R. I used the 3.50/17 in the front and a 4.25/17 in the

rear. My choice was the Michelin Pilot in 120/70-17 and 150/60-17

rear. Even with the 3.50 in the front. The 120 is squeezed over that I can not

use all of the tire. A better choice might have been a 110, but, I don't

think there are very many performance tires made in 110/70. a 3.00 is

only going to make that worse.

If you can fit a 150 between the swing arm. It will fit the 4.25 rim pretty well.

Depending on how you ride and the level of performance tire you are looking

for. My suggestion would be 110/17 and 140/17. These may be bias ply tires

and not radials available in these sizes.

Just my 2 cents.


Oops, my bad. The front is a 3.5

The 3.5 will fit up to a 120/17 front. With my talent level as a gage, (old slow and

don't want to take too many chances), I have about an inch of chicken strip

on both sides of my front Michelins. The rear shows about 1/2 inch or less.

I guess that is a good thing. As I do have a level of margin in the rare event I

have to lean it over more than usual.

Check the width of your swingarm spacing where the tire will sit when mounted.

Check for any brackets that might get in the way. I had to remove my chain

guard because it would not fit with the 150/17. The bracket that the guard

attached to is less that 1/8 of an inch from the tread on mine.

Also check the width between the fork tubes to be sure a 120 will fit between

them too.

Good luck and happy SuMo'ing.


I'm assuming 120 and 150 are millimeters. Therefore they would be 4.72 and 5.9 inches wide. Is that right?

Well, yes & no. Manufacturers use the 120 and 150mm size as a general

guide. Two 120 tires from different companies will measure different sizes

I just measured my Michelins as mounted to my rims. The front is 4.625

and the rear is 5.75. So that is pretty close, but, not exact. And depending

on rim width. The tire will be wider or narrower than the manufacturers


Take a tape measure, or better yet, a vener caliper with you to the tire

store and check several different brands.


Looks like everything will fit just fine in the 120 and 150 size. :thinking:

Thanks for the help.

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