Odometer not sensing wheel, 04 450 exc

My odometer just stopped working.

It does

turn on if I hit the button.

Have all functions working EXCEPT MPH.

It doesn't

sense the wheel spinning and turn on.

show any sort of mph when I turn it on via the button and ride. (MPH shows 0)

Any ideas what the issue might be? I cleaned off the magnet down on the rotor. There was a lot of metal flakes on there. OR were those metal flakes the remnants of my magnet? Everything else looks good. Wires look good. Connection is fine etc.



Want to do a quick test?

Go to connector about 3" from the speedo head. Disconnect it. Using two short pieces of wire, paper clip etc, touch them together several times in the mph mode. The light should come on and the speedo will read 4-6mph.

If that happens, the sensor may be toast. There are several replacement options for the OEM sensor and wire. I replaced the sensor with a 'normally open' burglar alarm switch for a few bux and epoxied it in the threaded hole.

Same function and it can be cleaned out with a tap for an OEM part.


Thanks man! I'll try it and see what I get. I'll see what replacement ones I can get if its toast in the thumpertalk store. The burglar ones, where did you find it?

thanks again man!

TT store is starting to handle KTM parts. Ask them if they can get the OEM parts. In your area, you can check the yellow pages under 'security products' and call the businesses. Specify a 'normally open' sensor.

Okay, I checked the KTM part. YIKES. Thats expensive. I think I may try the one you suggested when I get back in town or this:

Motion Pro Speedo Cable

List Price: $35.95

Our Price: $32.36

You Save $3.60!

MFR Part #: 10-0103

Product Code: TR_060103


That should work. Eh?

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