Dr Mark.

Hi Doc, Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and your famialy.

Doc, I have been just diagnosed with a pars fracture both side's of the l5/s1

they found it looking at something else.

Is it safe to ride mx a couple of x a week? Or could this lead to a shifting spondolothisis spell check sorry then it's fusion time wich I dont ever want.

Also I have a scoloysis they just found a curvature of the thoractic spine,if you look at me you would think my spine is perfect none of that malformity,shoulder even across.

Just wondering what your thoughts are on me still doing motocross or will I be doing to much harm in the, say 10-15 years range.

Im 43 average built,thank you for your help always.Regards,Steve

Your pars fracture has probably been present since you were a teenager. If it was found incidentially, forget about it.

Sweet Happy New Years ta ya's!!!!

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