friends bike seized

so my friend has an '07 450 and we were out at gordons on the sand highway in 5th gear, not full throttle or anything and it just shut off on him. and it wont even kick over anymore. he said hes had the cam chain replaced before but thats it. what could it be to cause it to suddenly seize like that?

For starters do you have oil in the engine? And even with the decompression lever held down (if it has one) It still wont turn over?

its auto decompression. im assuming he had oil in it. assuming he did, what else could it be?

did he have a airfilter in it?

Im sorry to hear about your friends bike. You should look over the bike, and get back with us with some more details. I just had my bike lock up on me. If he was low on oil it probably seized the cams, and possibly jumped time.

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