What Brand

Im 15. 6foot 1. 190pounds. and am looking for a 250 2stroke. I dont know what brand to get tho. There is a 2002 cr250 rebuilt from a crank up. for sale for $1800. Or a 1999 kx250 shortty fmf, new fork seals,rebuilt top and bottom end for sale for 2000. Or a 1998 cr250 with NEW Wisco Pistin, Rings, Sleeve, Rear Tire, Hotrod Crank, Whole Top End New. I dont know what brand to get.kawasaki,honda,ktm,suzuki,yamaha. I want to do woods racing and some motocross, mostly hairscrambles. And to ride around in the woods at my house.

out of those, the newest is going to be the best...go with the 2002 cr. how experienced are you though?your only 15, a 250 is alot for most people, and if you are seriously looking id recomend something 2005+

I would go for the 02' honda cr250r, 1800 seems like a fair deal if the bike has all that work done to it. Honda is the way to go for a 250 2 stroke, even though yam, kawi, suz are good bikes to.

among those three, go for the '98 CR250, that bike still has the piston-port engine. else, as suggested here shoot for any 2005 and up bike.

by the way, how much is the '98 CR250 going for?

Brand wise, i would go to the nearest/best dealership in your area. If that's a Honda dealership, then go with a Honda. If it's a KTM dealership then go with a KTM ~ etc.

From there just decide on how much you are willing to spend, be sure to leave a buffer for some gear and maintenance items, and then try to find the newest and cleanest bike that you can for that amount of money.

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