Hour meter reset?

I was wondering if hour meters can be reset? So if I sell my current bike I can just reset it and put it on the new bike.

It may depend on what kind of HR meter you have. I think some have a reset button. I usually just take them off the bike I am selling make note of the hrs and put it on my new bike and run it. If you cant reset the HR meter that is.

What types of hour meters have reset buttons?

I have never seen one that had a reset button. I leave mine on the bike when I sell it so the guy who gets it knows how many hours it has and can keep up with maintenance.

It's only 30 bucks after all...

Almost all of the hour meters are sealed units and can not be reset, one reason why you can get them wet with no ill effects. As someone else noted just remember the time when you transfer it to the new bike, I have been using the same unit on my last three bikes.

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