Throttle cable removal? XR 400

Whats the best way to remove the throttle cables from the throttle tube?



i did it it other day i removed tank,seat to make it easer. unlosen the jam nut on the top cable on the carb then you can remove it from the holder on the carb.then you can get the bottom one off then. remove the bottom cover on the throttel assy on bars.lift the top part up and you should be able to get it done. then you can get the cables off. that is the way i did it any way.

I set up my cable so I could use the adjusters on the bars to loosen the cable enough to take it off once it's was loosened at the throttle tube.

That way I didn't need to always take it off the carb first.

But if you do not have any room yet, like texasrat said, you will need to take it off the carb first.

If you just need to remove them from the throttle tube and not the carb, I find it's best to loosen and slide the whole thing off of the handlebar. Of course that might require removal of the handlebar first. It seems that I have removed them with the tube on the bar but when reasembling, having the tube off of the bar made it easier.

i usually remove the guide from the carb after loosening the adjuster at the throttle, this gives enough slack to get them off the carb. finish removal at tube. easier w/the tank off

hanks for all the suggestions guys, I was able to replace the throttle tube without messing with the cables at the carb at all.

Happy New Year


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