motox fuel (pills)

I posted it in the general section and got no response, so i came here. Do you think these are worth trying? I get arm pump real bad which stops me from being able to ride 100% the whole time.

Xantrex 3 made cramps much worse in a long race, short term they are a kick. You seem to do everything better, even think faster. You better be done before they wear off, I was taking them will riding a mountain bike. With them my brother didn't have a chance of beating me, without them it was a toss up. We did the test several times and the guy taking the pills always walked away with ease.

Trouble with me, I'd have chest pains for a couple days afterwards and you can get too hot while riding.

We stopped taking them after a 3 hour mx race, they wore off and seemed to cause us both to get muscle cramps much worse than normal.

There is no free lunch. Work harder.


I'm not in the medical field, but I pay a lot of attention to how my body reacts to what I put in it. As I get older, I've noticed that caffein is a pretty severe diuretic for me. Chances are, the exagerated cramps you are experiencing after they wear off, are due in some degree to dehydration.

Just my two cents,


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