Electrical Problem

I've got a 2005 DRZ400SM. It's got an aftermarket tail light / plate holder (I'm pretty sure it's aftermarket). The tail light was burnt out when I bought it. I replaced the bulb and it's burnt out already (about 3 weeks later). The brake light still works.

It could be just coincidence and I just need to get another bulb but I want to check out if there's an electrical problem.

My thoughts are the following:

1. Just a crappy bulb

2. The wiring is exposed and shorting out on the subframe somewhere

3. The bulb doesn't draw as much power as the original and it's getting overloaded.

If it's 3, how will my signals affect it? I've got aftermarket signals that flash too fast. They're not LED but I guess there low wattage. Because I want to take my signals off anyway for dirt riding so I don't think bigger signals is the answer.

Any thoughts?

1. possible

2. would not blow bulb, but fuse.

3. drawing less power does not usually causes problems. Drawing too much may. Maybe bulb is too high power and overheated?

I would see if the plug has power using a voltmeter. If it does my guess is overheating or bulb not made for vibration. If plug does not have power check wires and connections.

One thing that will kill a incadessant light bulb is a loose connection. So when the bulb in fact should be on....it`s flickering. It`l destroy it fairly fast. Other than that it is somewhat hard to destroy it. I`d check the connections.


Actually OEM bulbs are pretty good. Better than cheepo Wal-Mart replacements. Try relpacing the bulb with a bulb rated heavy duty for vibration. I get about a year from tail light bulbs.

I kept blowing oem bulbs on my XR650R taillight, I think the vibration was just to much, I installed two small LED strips instead and have not had any problems for the last year or so.

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