Should I check my cylinder?

I spent the holiday at the dunes and did a ton of ridin over 3 days. My last ride my bike felt tired. The power was down and it felt like my clutch was slippin, anyways I called it quits after that ride.

When I got home last night I noticed the screw that tightens down the clamp around the reed cage boot and carb was gone. I pulled my plug and it looked lean, not white...but just lean. I pulled my carb and reeds and no sand got anywhere. Should I pull my head and check the piston and cylinder??

You might as well have a looksee.

The easiest way to have a quick check is to unbolt and remove the head of the cylinder and just push (or move kicker) to the lowest point, and at that stage you can see most of the Cyl and if there is any damage or not.

Works for me.

(Be more worried that if you got sand/dirt running around your main bearings)

No sand made it thru, I am more worried about a possible lean condition from the clamp not being tight.

If thats the case, I'd just run the fuel a little rich for awhile.

If its just one of the bolts gone (5 on mine), you should still have no prob.

It should be pretty good even on 3 bolts.

Just run rich for a little until you feel safe to go back to normal.

How does running it rich now make up for running too lean before? It's not going to repair any damage.

The plug might look lean just because you were riding dunes and on the main much more than any other riding condition. I'm kind of doubting you did any damage. A leak there is largest when at idle or low throttle postions, that's when vacuum is at it's highest. So you should have noticed a high idle, surging at idle, bogging when trying to take off with little throttle, etc.

If it were my bike I'd pull the pipe and check out the exhaust side of the piston. If it was lean enough to do damage, that'd be the first place it usually happens.

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