MCL injury(my wife has)

Dr. Mark Hello. I could use some advice for my wife. Here is the situation: 2 weeks ago my wife who is very active twisted so we thought her knee. It became painful and swollen. An MRI was done because of the pain and a cortisone injection also (the shot did not help). The MRI showed a 2-3mm seperation/tear of the superior margin of the medial meniscofemoral ligament near the attachment of the femur and a grade 2 MCL injury. She works for an orthopedic surgeon(who is a jerk) he told her keep walking on it, wear a brace for 4 more weeks and it will get better!!!! She is in a double upright hinged knee brace but is having a lot of pain, swelling and stiffness of the knee. What can she do to help this get better? Should she be doing leg exercises, riding a stationary bike? We are not sure and the sucky surgeon she works for had no time to answer any questions. Will this get better with time? What is the time frame? When can she return to riding? Will she be able to return to her normal everyday routine? Please help???? Any advice from anyone who has had this type of injury would also be appreciated..... She just wants to get better. (nice that she works for an orthopedic and thats the best answer they could give her) Thanks:bonk:

I'd ditch the brace, and ride the stationary bike one hour per day everyday.

Expect resoution inside of a month without surgery.

So you think this will get better and she can return to normal activities????? Should she do any other exercises to build the strength?????

There is lots to do. Start with the bike, and increase the resistance as tolerated such that her heart rate reaches the target heart rate for her age.

I partially tore my MCL when I did the "splits" on a steep side hill that my bike slid out from under me on (stationary). The inside of the knee swelled up. The edema moved down into my ankle so I was black and blue on the inside of the knee down to the ankle. I wore a compression brace for a while and then quickly used it only while playing racquetball. Now, a month later, I do pretty much everything. The inside of the knee does get sore, but it is getting better. By the way, I was back riding (very conservatively) within a couple of weeks. As long as I kept my left foot on the bike, there was no side strain on the knee. Good luck.

A friend of mine is dealing with the same injury. His Doc's advice was the same as the Doc here as well as keep his "toes and nose" pointed in the same direction for a few more weeks.

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