clutch basket tolerance?

Does anyone know if there is a measurement used to determine if the fingers on the clutch basket are too worn. I've filed the notches out a couple of times and I think there may be too much play between the tabs on the fibers / plates and the flanges on the basket. I was wonderin if a certain measurement was used.

you're just gonna keep notching your basket.

Really, any sort of notching means replacement. If you figure its in tolerance from the factory, the first filing would be too much.

yeah thats what I pretty much figured but I'm so broke right now. I hate the idea of puttin a new clutch in a clapped out basket. So far it seems like an OEM basket is about $70 cheaper than a Wiseco or Hinson. I hate to buy an OEM basket just to replace it in about another year and a half but $70 right now to me is alot of money.............

$70 cheaper isn't much of a savings considering the aftermarket baskets will live about 5X longer than a stocker.

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