RMX250 expert needed


I have a 1993 RMX250 (japan model) and I need to find a few values. Unfortunately I don't have a owners manual as its in Japanese :busted:

Basically what I need to know is:

-The torque values for the head and base nuts on the motor

-Amount of oil to put in forks (they are 93 NZ model, upside down forks, 45mm)

Also any other values or things I will need to know for doing the fork seals and top end.



for the head its 11 then 16 foot pounds

Looked in my manual, they say 38N-m (27.5lb-ft) for the cylinder,

and 28N-m (20lb-ft) for the head.

Cheers for the quick replies. Any idea on the fork oil level?

1993rmx250: It's about 10:30am EST now while I type this. If someone responds with the oil level - great! If not, I'll look it up in my owner's manual tonight (I'm at work now) and let you know around 8:00pm EST. I have a '98 RMX with conventional forks, but I'll see if my owner's manual shows data for the USD forks too. If not, I also have a Cylmer repair manual for RM's and RMX's, and that will show the values. Keep in mind that they do not tell you how much volume (ccm's or oz's) to put in - just a distance measurement from the top of the fork down to the top of the oil. A.J.

Thanks suzuki racer, that would be much appreciated. Are all RMX USD forks the same over all models? I have a 03 RM 250 manual but I would imagine that the forks would be different?

THanks alot!

Okay 1993rmx250, here's what I found out. First off, in no way am I an RMX250 expert, but I have owned two '98's and still currently ride one. In the Clymer repair manual, it lists different fork specifications for (1989-1990), (1991) and (1992-1995), so apparently there are three model forks. The differences may be very minor, but they are listed separately. And yes, the specs for a '93 RM fork is different than those for a '93 RMX fork. For the 1992-1995 RMX forks, the recommended volume of oil is 22.9 Imperial Ounces, or 22.1 US Ounces. Keep in mind that is for forks that have been completely disassembled and are dry. Suzuki still recommends that you measure the oil level after filling. With the forks in a vertical position, fully compressed, and springs removed, the top of the oil should be 87mm or 3.4inches down from the top of the tube. There are different measurements for different years. Hope this helps. Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR! A.J.

Thank you so much suzuki racer, that helped so much! I will get those seals on now :busted:

Have a happy new year! :moon:

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