xr100r power mods

what power upgrades can i do to a 2000 honda xr100r so it will keep up or out run my sons friends suzuki drz 125 and yahama ttr 125. i would buy him a bigger bike if he was taller but he is on his tip toes on the xr100r. he is 11 yrs old and 4'9" and 85 pounds. I have about 350-400 dollers to spend. this is my first post as a joined this forum today, any help would be great.

Go the Kitaco or Takegawa Big bore route that comes with the High Performance Head. The aftermarket head is where you will gain the most.


On a budget, A 120 kit or the TB132, 24mm ATC 200x carb, pipe, and maybe, a little hotter cam ,instead of the one that comes with the kits.


Yep, for a budget motor what Gman says is the way to go.

i just threw my powroll cam on ebay!

yep thats it!

wow! already has 2 bids in an hour

what i did with my 04 crf 100 is just put on a bigger front sprocket (2 teeth) and a smaller one on the back. now it will hit 60mph(100 kph) and keeps up to my friends 87 yz80.

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