Spark Arrestor for SX Exhaust on a 530 EXC

I have an SX exhaust on my 530 exc. Does anyone know who makes a reasonably prices spark arrestor for exhaust?

I have a SX muffler with a pro moto S/A end cap in it. When ya don't need it in 4 screws and it's out.

That said it's LOUD. I don't know if it needs a repack or not tho.

I put the stock can back on.

Here's the link.

The Pro Moto Billet endcap is probably the most well known as is mentioned in the above post. It does not quiet the exhaust at all (with just the screen in it) so if the stock can is loud, it will still be loud with the PMB endcap. You can get quiet tips that bolt into the PMB endcap to quiet it down. The PMB retails for $139, and the inserts to shut it up are an added expense. You can usually find it for less when shopping around.

There is also another s/a endcap made by QPX. This endcap is quieter than the PMB. I am not sure as to the cost (I just don't want to look it up right now!), but it is available from KTM in the 2009 Hardparts catalog. You can probably find it cheaper on the internet as well.

I just said to heck with both of those options and fit a Yoshimura slip on to my SXF. It was $200 directly from Yosh. It is listed for the 2007 450SXF, but as you are aware, the SXF exhaust fits your EXC.

Volume level for the Yoshimura slip on?

Volume level for the Yoshimura slip on?

If I had to guess, I would say that it comes in with the quiet insert/spark arrestor at right around 96. It is much quieter at idle than with my stock exhaust, but when you get it up in the rpms it is still singing.

Any "quiet" aftermarket exhaust is still loud at high rpm. I remember reading a test report that FMF did, and at top rpm on the same bike, their Factory 4.1 Carbon, Powercore 4, and Q4 were all within 1 or 2db of each other at redline.

The bike also comes with an "FIM" exhaust insert (which should be really close to the stock KTM SXF silencer), or you can run it open. I have not run it open or with the "FIM" insert.

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