95 yz80 rear shock on ttr125L

How can it be possible to get a yz80 shock on my ttr, I have ithere and its about 5 inches longer than the stock ttr shock??

You will need a yz80 rear swingarm. The shock for the yz80 is longer because it uses linkage. The shock mount on the bottom of the yz80 is below the swingarm and the TTR 125 is above the swingarm. Conversions have been done using yz80 swingarms on TTR125s. You also get the added advantage of a rear disc brake. But the cost goes up, swingarm, wheel, brake system, and not to mention all the fab work that goes into it. The swingarm may need to be lengthened to fit the 16inch wheel. A bracket needs to be made to hold the master cylinder to the frame. It might be easier to buy a aftermarket shock that has adjustable rebound and compression.

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