Replacing 03 WR 450

Lookin for some advice here. I am going to be upgrading from my 03 WR450 to a newer bike. Looking at the new (07 up) WR, CRF 450X, and kawi's KLX450R. I am very happy with current bike, but wouldn't mind a touch more power from a newer bike. Appreciate any and all input, thanks!

KTM 300 2 stroke (just to throw a wild card in)? Its an EXC here but an XC or XCW where you are.

thanks for the link. just what I was looking for. kind of sounds like the crfx has a slight edge on the wr in terms of power, huh?

I'm kind of in the same boat with the same year WR. Have you researched the Husqvarna TE450 or TE510? I haven't ridden one, but they seem to be awesome bikes. An 08/09 WR450 would be on my choice list as well. And of the two Huskys I would go with the TE510, personally. It's lighter, has more power and is fuel injected (over the WR), also come plated out of the box. Tough choice!

after rebuilding my top end on my '05, i'm thinking about the KTM 300 XC-W. could be some fun to go two stroke for a couple of years.

Sure seems like a lot of people like that KTM 300. I was looking a little at the KTM 450 XCF, just don't know much about the engines.

Also don't know much about the Husky's either.

I am very slightly leaning toward CRFX just because I hear it is more power than the other two I am looking at. Hard to go away from the WR - it has been such a great bike, but I have a long history with honda as well.

The '09 WR is the safe choice IMO. Its not exactly up to par in stock (ish) form but once modded and uncorked all bets are off :busted: If you look at the gear ratios on the 450x they have more in common with a YZ than a WR...that gives the impression of snappier power. Every dyno I've seen for the 450x and WR has HP and torque at pretty much the same level.

The KTM 450 xcr-w is based on the exc-r dual sport and its solid platform but a bit spendy. The 450 xcf is based off of the 450 sx motor and its a beast. The only thing I don't like about the xcf (besides the fact that its orange) is it lacks a back up kickstarter. The Husky TXC 450 is pure sex on two wheels...its basically an MX motor matched up to a close ratio 6 speed enduro trans. Search the husky forum and you'll see those motors are solid. Both bikes will need less fiddling to perform at peak than the japanese bikes and if you can find a leftover '08 they're likely to be a good bargain too.

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