KDX Helmet Cam

Hey, I thought you guys might enjoy this. I recently hopped on a KDX200 and had a ball, never mind that this was my first ride on a 2-stroke for all intents an purposes (does sneaking rides on my brother's 1978 RM125 almost 30 years ago count?). Anyway, I normally ride a KTM 450 EXC, so please excuse my 2-stroke ineptness, all the missed shifts, etc. While I was fumbling a bit with the bike's layout, I think I could grow to love a little bike like this, it was a real hoot!



If you don't mind, ccould you post or PM me how much the camera cost? Any other thoughts on the camera? It looks great.

Very nice, thanks.

I also would like to know about the camera.


Nice video! That camera looks sweet. Is the raw footage alot nicer quality?

(Hi Ed :busted:)

Hay there Nobrakes , I live 40 miles from Uwharrie, west, Looks sandy in those videos, are you near the coast or the Fort Bragg area, would like to ride some of those trails real muddy around hear, depending on the cold and mud TNT MOTOR SPORTS in SC below Rockhill is having there Rider apprecition day New Years. Yea KDX is a sweet bike, The only sand I use to ride was the Camron sand pits and Pageland sand pits a few years ago, Heard that riding is shut down at both places,

Hay, Nobrakes I love those videos, The wheather May brake for a slight warm up, I check out that New Park OutBack and looks good and about 106 mile drive May get a couple of Buds together and do a ride sat or sun, Thanks for putting the info on here always looking for new places to ride. Dixie4 Thanks again.

Great video.:banana:

KDXs are fun huh? I've only got to ride mine once so far and am looking forward to another ride tomorrow. I've got a GoPro cam so I'll try for some vids too.

You call yourself inept, if I can get some vids, I'll show you inept.:lol:

Ahh, it's all a good time.:lol:

Thanks guys, yeah that KDX was a blast. I'm going back there tomorrow, maybe I'll get to ride it again. Takin the camera, so if I get some good footage, I'll post up.

BTW, for those thinking of making a trip to the Outback, it is brand new and when I was there a few weeks ago they had not yet cut all the trails they wanted to, not sure if they have more yet or not. The place is not terribly big - only about 600 acres or so, which is not very many miles of trails - only a few. But its a fun place to play around. Kind of like riding at your grand dads farm. Just don't expect miles and miles of endless trails - it's not like that.

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