Two 05's, Two different bikes

Me and a riding buddy have 2005 WR 450s. My bike's engine response is very quick causing a great deal of wheel spin, almost making it unrideable up hills. As soon as I get on his and let the clutch out I notice a big difference. His has half the response as mine but his low end torque and hookup are fantastic.

I can ride his bike up any hill while I have problems with mine. In a nutshell, my bike rides like a YZ and his is a John Deere.

The only difference in the two bikes is an aftermarket slip on exhaust. He has a Pro Circuit 296.

Could this really make that low end difference or do you think he may have a flywheel weight installed. Any input appreciated.


do you both have all the free mods done ?

As far as I know we do.

possibly one has different yz or aftermarket cams (yours)

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