RAD Valve

I have an 08 kx 250 and was wondering where in my power curve is a Boyesen rad valve going to most benifit the bike, I have a FMF SST pipe (stock muffler) are the pipe and rad valve a good set up combination ? I ride mainly tight and open trails .

I Put This Same Set-up On My 2000 Yz250, And I Would Say That It Helped It All The Way Around

cool im sold , did you have any jetting changes ?

don't take my word for it but I've heard from many that jetting changes usually need to be made

compared to the vf3, the rad valve does need jetting changes. The rad valve favors mid to top and increased throttle response with the right jetting. The vf3 is for bottom to mid with some increase in throttle response and doesnt really require any changes except the air screw. You will get a lot more gains from the rad valve than the vf3, i had the vf3 on my yz125 and barely noticed anything. A jd jetting kit is the way to go in my mind unless you already have one.

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