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Time for a complete motor!!

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Well, After completing the Nevada 1000 race last month I noticed a huge loss of compression (not to mention a huge loss of 5th gear :) ) so I decided to extract the motor from my WR and give it to my good friends at Simi Valley Cycles (my local dealer here in SoCal) for a complete evaluation. I need to mention that my motor has many miles on it (im talking thousands of hard desert racing miles) and I knew that it would be ready for a top end.

Sure enough I did need a top end. The biggest culprit(s?) of the loss of compression was a situation where the valves had tightend themselves up. (because of heat). Regardless of the valve situation my top end was overdue for rebuild. Back in the 2-stroke days for me this would mean a 6 pack and a piston kit from Weisco. I told them to do it.

Getting back to the loss of 5th gear: I cracked the gear in half plain and simple. I had to ride the bike in 4th gear for the last 40 or 50 miles of flat desert roads of my last race. (poor thing was pinned in 4th for a long time).

As far as im concerned I think that I've gotten my money's worth with this bike. I mean, how much can we really expect out of our bikes??? I've owned 2 WR's with no problems to speak of. I have really pounded this bike into the ground and it has just kept on ticking.....

I got my motor back tonight from the dealer with new: Piston/rings,cylinder,complete crank assembly,flywheel(the thing was oval),5 gears,oil pump and filter,stator(it got grounded down),all the gaskets and labor for $1400.00. (new motor)

When I took the motor in I explained to my mechanic that I needed to have this motor 100% as I plan on racing in Baja and I have 2 more races in Nevada to rap up the "Best in the desert" series in which im currently in 2nd place. Im sure he could've patched up the motor but I don't want to chance it.

This weekend I look forward to putting the motor in and get back to rippin. I'll keep you guys posted...

Peace out!


[ July 13, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

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Kev, A big-bore kit would be rad!! I already have the WR450 on order and will be selling my bike in Nov/Dec. I just think for resale purposes that I want to keep it as close to stock as possible. When I would shop for a used bike I would always try to find a bike that hasn't been tampered with too much. And I think that some will be sceptical with the big bore kit. Anyhoo, just my own little opinion.

:) Dan

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