Yz450f rear hub inner spacer

I have a question, The inner spacer that goes in the hub thats about 4" long does that take any load? I had to machine one up for my buddy i made it out of aluminum i was just wondering if you could use something like UHMW or delrin? Also could you use those materials for the rear chain adjuster blocks? I race supermoto and am thinking of making some up that have the extended rear for axle slider spools instead of using the threaded rod thru the axle?

The spacer you ask about is the "distance piece", the spacer that keeps the inner bearing races the correct distance apart. It bears the compressive load applied by the torque of the axle nut. No plastic that I know of would be suitable for this, nor for the adjuster blocks, nor anywhere else in the stack, for that matter.

Thanks Gray!

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