96 xr250r backfires

so for whatever reason, the power of Christ, maybe satan, compelled me to get my xr running and do an oil change on it tonight.

had to pull start it down a very long hill, on the way back, it starts backfiring and coughing, finally dies, I knew it was low on fuel, so I took the fuel line off just to see if it had fuel, had plenty, kicked and kicked, started, ran for about 20 seconds, died, starts for 10, dies.

so after pushing for a while, I decide to hide it in the bushes, walk home, get my isuzu and a trailer, come back and get it.

son of a......

now, Im thinking it may have skipped time, 1 tooth it will still run, just not good, or is it electrical? I cleaned the carb the other week, but will start there just to be safe.

any ideas are welcome.

Probably a partially clogged jet. Did you put new gas in it?

make sure gas is good. pull air cleaner off, spray carb w/carb cleaner and try starting it w/air cleaner off.

Carburetor problem. Either needs a cleaning or the float height is too high.

check for air leaks around carb boots

check to see if pilot jet is clogged

clean air filter

check valves clearances (out of spec valves= bad starting)

Did you ever figure this one out? Some jackass gave me bad gas for "bad advice".

maybe your fuel screw setting is to lean from when you took your carb apart to clean it? maybe try turning it out a half a turn at a time?

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