Goggle Question

After yet another day at the track getting my nose and cheeks beat to hell with roost I need to find some sort of protection for my nose. So far I see lots of "beak" guards on the RockyMountainATV site but none for ProGrip goggles. Does anyone know of one that will fit? If not, which other goggle manufacturer is most similar to ProGrip as far as size and fit?

My nose thanks you!

i have seen a pair of oakley gogles with a nose protector on them i think they run about 60 bucks they look really nice and high quality itll be my next set of goggles. good luck to you!

Utopia goggles also come with nose guards

I have seen both of those but how do the fit compared to ProGrip?

love my crowbars. They come with a nose guard that I'll never use. I picked mine up on e-bay for $35 new.

http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Apparel_2008/default.asp?p=149 I had a nose guard on my scott xi that were comfortable

+1. My Scott NoSweat xi's are some good and comfortable goggles and have a decent nose guard and after shaving some of the foam from the nose area, I can breathe through my "plus size" schnozz. Been using a nose guard since Scott's started making their original version for their 89 goggles (yet another comfortable model), after catching a pine limb in a fast section of trail in the north Georgia mountains, breaking my beak and covering myself and my bike in snotty blood...or maybe it was bloody snot...either way, it hurt like hell and I've been a fan of the guards ever since.

i got a few pairs of goggles but the ones i use when were track clearing or in a big group where roost might be imminent

oakley crowbars

How about going back to the half faced lids with the google and face shields that went down to your chin??? At least you're nose an cheeks are covered!

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