Recently, Ive been having troubles in the corners.When i get up high on the seat,i start to slide down the seat. Do i not have the correct leverage or is it maybe my seat? Please reply.

If you're constantly sliding off of your tank the best advice I could give would to probably grip the bike more with your knees and legs which would help keep you in place.

It's kinda like the Pro FMXer'S when they throw no handed back flips. Yes they lock their feet under their pegs, but as far as I know they are also squeezing the :p out of their bike also.

By squeezing more, it would help keep you in your position. Getting a gripper seat and possibly expierimenting with shaping your seat might help.

A couple good pointers, not that I'm an expert or anything, but would be to remember:

1. Where you look, is where you go.

2. Weight the outside peg, this is so helpful.

3. Stay over your bars, the more weight that is on the front, typically the better.

4. Try to stand coming into the corner as to deal with picking a line and not losing control over bumps or soft conditions. Once you've reached the apex of the turn, sit down, pivot, and gas her hard!!! :busted:

5. Also remember, that if it feels like your front is gonna wash out. You can sometimes save it by trying to plant it in deeper and gassing your way out of it. I have to do this a lot because my suspension is unbalanced. My theory behind why this works is that the front will slide faster and hopefully catch an edge. Which theoretically in my mind would stop the washing out motion and cause the back wheel to start pushing the bike through the corner again. That's why when you see people save the front end end they seem like they're not moving at all when their on the gas. And this is because the wheel is spinning a lot trying to keep you up right by harnessing your momentum. By planting her in hard, you might get lucky enough to catch the edge of the cushion, and be able to stop your bike from sliding. *Cushion* is where the dirt kind of gets moved to on a turn. And by gassing hard your back wheel will push dirt from the cushion and get you moving again. Just like when you see the pros plant turns on sandy hills. The plant the front end, it washes a little, it stops, and they gas out of it roosting and looking cool.:moon::eek:

Here is a link that might help you out:

What I put is solely based on my expierence. And it seems to work really well. :mad:

Thank you very much! I will save this so that i can keep this in mind next time i go riding.

Is your seat flat across or does it dip down?

Also try to keep your elbows up at all times, especially in the corners

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