Revised DNR Rules

Received an email from DNR just before Xmas with a link to the final draft of new rules to be submitted at the Jan 6 meeting for approval. It looks like most of the input by TT members has been incorporated.

"December 22, 2008

Dear Interested Party:

Subject: Adoption of the rules pertaining to Public Access and Recreation on lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Department of Natural Resources’ work to update the rules pertaining to recreation and public use on DNR-managed lands, 332-52 WAC. This letter is to notify you that the department has scheduled the adoption of the proposed rule language for the upcoming meeting of the Board of Natural Resources on January 6, 2009."

Link to the DNR Notice.

And last because I know you all have nothing better to do on these cold winter nights, the proposed rules:

When I read through the rules, it basically says the government can do anything they want, whenever they want.

And usually the government's answer to anything they don't like is to close it off.

I have a huge problem that dirt bikes and snowmobiles cannot operate on DNR roads and land in the East Duvall/South Monroe area.

Washington has a huge amount of land for recreation, but "unauthorized motor vehicles" are not permitted. You have to be DNR or logging machinery to qualify.

Anyone else feel this to be a problem, or is just me?

Anyone else feel this to be a problem, ...?


See my comments on the post linked above.

If you don't like the latest version of the revised rules please let the Board of Natural Resources know. They will be voting to approve this revision Tuesday 6-jan-2008.

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