slip on vs. full exhaust sytem?

can anyone tell me if there's much of a performance difference between a slip-on silencer or a full exhaust system. I don't have a lot of money to spend so I've been looking at slip-ons. Will slip-ons make a difference in performance? Also if anyone has any suggestions of a make and model of exhaust that will improve all around performance and is good quality at a decent price, I would appreciate suggestions. I have a 2005 crf250r.

MRD. Dont run 4 strokes so wouldn't know from experience. But from reading and looking at statistics its cheaper and better for the full system then any big name slip on.

Full systems generally provide noticeable power gains, while slip-ons do not. Like everything else, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally slip-ons generally just give sound and a little weight loss.

Depends on the bike...

On your 250R a slip on will add bling, reduce weight, add or reduce decibels depending on the type of pipe you buy, provide a spark arrestor provision if equipped, and maybe move the power around. The only way you'll see noticable gains is with a full system.

On a trail bike like a WR or CRF/X just a slip on gives huge gains in power.. Even the playbikes like an XR, TT-R, KLX, or DR-Z get decent gains. The stock mufflers on these bikes generally suck. With the technology out there it is possible to achieve the benefit of an exhaust without raising the sound levels too bad.

i personally belive that the only exhaust's worth getting are ones that run at 87 DB or less, anything more in my opinion is just hurting our sport.

I had and 04 yz 450 with just a slip on. Didn't make much of a difference exept the noise. Than I purchased my 07 yz 450 and bought an Dr. D full exhaust system and could tell a noicably change in the power. I would never go back to slip ons.

Only the late model YZ450 really needs a muffler. It is corked up. Most other 250F's and 450F's run damn good with the stock exhaust. Loud exhausts just make the rider think the bike is more powerful when most of the time, it's not.

i gotta agree with everyone that has replied so far...

slip ons don't give much power, mostly just bling, and maybe a little noise

Thanks everyone for your advice! Your comments saved me a lot of money. I think I'll stay away from the slip on exhaust and just keep running stock. I just want to find some ways to get more performance out of my motor with out making mods to the engine.

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