69 Yamaha Turn Signal Help

So I've got this 69 Yamaha AS2C that I got off my buddy a few months ago and i'm making it street legal. I've got the brakes, mirror, reflectors, and signals all set up.

The issue is the turn signals. From what I gather they were offered on this model, but they had either been stripped completely out or it never had them in the first place. This being the case, I have no flasher relay. It's a 12v system and what I gather is I need this part:


Unfortunately they are few and far between on ebay, and any sites that still have them in stock are trying to charge ~$60-85. Anybody had any experience hooking up some sort of generic relay on an old Yamaha? Also, I see in the picture that there are only two wires, does anybody have an idea about where inline this is supposed to be? The schematics place it relatively close to the battery.

I appreciate any help I can get. I'm going to run to a motorcycle salvage place tomorrow to see If I can find something stock or get some pointers as well

Man that is alot of money for that part, I looked as well at several places I get parts from and I found nothing avaliable.

How many years was the AS2C avaliable? and what size is it. Pictures would be great!

When you go to salvage yard, I would see if they can cross reference the part, and if you're not looking for a show bike they maybe able to get a relay off another of bike from the same era.

Good luck.

So I found out where It was supposed to go in the electrical system. A $5 552 car flasher and a couple crimps later: voila, blinking action. I figured since the draw from the signals themselves were the same as in a car there shouldn't be an issue and this turned out to be true.

I'll post some pictures of the bike and the relay business tomorrow or the next day. I'm pretty sure that as of now it's finally street legal! :busted: Woo!

Good job! Always nice to hear about a success story:thumbsup: Look forward to the pictures.

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