bottom end

how often do you think the bottom end should be replaced? connecting rod/ crankshaft.

and is it a tough job for a semi experienced mechanic?

You really don't replace the crank and rod unless there is damage. the crank and rod bearings however you do replace. The crank rebuild is usually around $150 and up and bearings around $75. I always get a new crank and rod from Wiseco for around $200-225, but I also wait until I hear some rattleing before I rebuild the bottom end. If you can rebuild a top end and can read then you can do the bottom end with the proper tools and manual.

FAQ stickey at the top has info on this,


There's alot to be considered.

1. How is it ridden, is it raced, trail ridden etc

2. How long since the last rebuild

3. What oil do you use for mix and ratio.

If the bike is raced often or ridden very hard, I suggest bearing and seals once a year. Thats just my opinion for confidence that it won't blow during a race. We don't take any chances or skimp on durability.

I know theres bike out there with years of service on them and still going strong.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!!!

In the military its called PMCS (Preventive Maintenance, checks and services) and we live by it.

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