Anyone respoked a wheel?

Just chasing some respoking advice and have my mark setting method checked.

I've a new rim and spokes ready to go, but with all the time I have at the moment I thought I'd like to try putting it together myself. If I stuff up, I can take it to a pro.

As you can see, I have a piece of wood taped to the fork legs which is setting the mark for the outside diameter, with a couple of ink marks setting the lines for the outside edges of the rim (minus the bumbs, dents, and cracks). It looks like a piece of cake, or am I wildly deluded?

Thanks in Advance!

Is your current wheel dead center? Doubtful.

One of the keys to building a wheel is doing it evenly. As you re-spoke it, put each nipple on the exact same amount. Tighten in small increments, all the way around the rim. Most bikes, the front wheel is centered over the hub, use a straightedge to compare both sides. Work slowly and methodically. Be sure to coat the threads of the spokes with anti-seize. Use a spoke torque wrench.

I like the idea you have. One thing that may make it a little easier is to have another stick coming in at the side of the rim for the sidi wobble. You will be able to see it with your marks but something coming in form the side will rub against the wobble point and stop the rim. Then you know for sure where you need to adjust.

Another trick for lacing the rim is to line up the new rim next to the old one and tape it to it. Take out the old spoke and put the new one into the proper hole on the new rim. Snug them up finger tight and then place the wheel into your "truing" stand.

Finish by lightly tightning every other spoke until you have gone all the way around a couple times and got them tight. If you don't have a spoke torque wrench just give them a good seat. They don't need much. Make sure they are tight but don't go overboard. The spokes should not sound flat when you smack them with a wrench. They should have a slight ping to them.

Remember that by tightning one side you are also putting pressure on the other side. So take your time. It's easier then you think but, as William mentioned you need to take your time.

Good luck.

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