Oil question, not the usual

Did several searches yesterday, to try and find what oil Husky recomends. But couldn't find out ? sure it's here somewhere.

Anyway what I did find was that lots of people claim "this is the best oil I have ever used" or "had great results with this brand"

My Question is, what do people base this on? I have used a variety of oils over the years, and they all seem to work the same to me i.e my engine doesn't get screwed up. So what makes a good oil, that gives great results?

G'day, cant help with the technical question about what makes a good oil... However, after reading alot of different opinions of what oil to use on this and other forums, I decided to ring my Husqvarna national office and asked what oil they recommend for my '06 te250 -Answer is Motul 300V 15W/50...

Keeping in mind, I live in northern Australia; tropical climate, low altitude...

How about finding your national/state husqvarna office and emailing/asking them? That way you are dealing with someone in your region who knows what viscosity the oil should be to suit your climate etc...

I've now just bought an 08 model, and I believe the oil will be the same....not cheap..but I dont mind... I dont compromise my engine for the sake of saving a couple of bucks... each for their own...

And make sure for your clutch you use a mineral clutch oil - such as the 'mugura blood' or the 'motorex mineral clutch fluid 75' - not brake fluid like with other brand bikes...same for KTM's if you have a ktm dealership nearby:)


Better yet call George (up-tite) and do what he says. He has looked into more husky motors than all of us combined so he might know.

Any advantage from using a specific oil is only that, an advantage, not a guarantee nor a 100% likelihood.

I listened to my dealer explain his preference and why and saw all the engines that had been sent to him waiting for rebuilds. He's just one guy but he raced and fixed his own engines and others so he has a relationship to the extreme limits of the engines and is pretty intuitive about how they fail and why.

Agip was the oil in the manual in 08. Spectro "Off Road" semi-synthetic 20-50 (weight dependent upon location and weather) is the oil George recommends after break-in. The off road version has certain additives in it. It's not the most expensive nor the least. $8 a liter.

Never has there been more controversy over such an insignificant choice.

In other words, run what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Silkolene does it for me. Spectro makes fine motor oil but their suspension oils are gauranteed garbage.

The only oil-related problem I've seen in 15 years of professinal wrenching, is when there wasn't any present!!


The only oil-related problem I've seen in 15 years of professinal wrenching, is when there wasn't any present!!

This is what i was getting at, So as long as it's up to a certain level oil is just oil ?

Ive used Silkolene in my 04 250 5years, recently trying Morris Oil (both full synthetic) for a cheaper price and easier to get hold of locally to me.

I've not had any problem that could be blamed on oil:ride:

99% of the reasons folks use "brand X" oil is what is called "Anecdotal Evidence."" This is based on, "My brother in law's friend said," or "I heard that." or, "Husky says." Bear in mind that Husky recommends the oil that they use in the bikes they ship and the decision is based on bottom line cost and/or brother-in-law effect. That is when your brother-in-law makes oil!

I chose Shell Rotella T synthetic based on some lab tests I found and Rekluse recommendations. AND its price!!!

If you use the cheapest dino oil avail at Pep Boys and changed oil every 3 hours, you would never have any oil related problems, in my opinion.

Bear in mind, opinions are like rectums, every one has one!!!

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