2007 Wr250F radiator

Hey guys

I was wondering if you could modify etc, a 2005 left hand radiator to fit my 2007 wr250f? Only saying this, as you can pick a pair of 01-05 radiators (not standard that is) for almost half the price for 1 left hand radiator.

I came off my bike the other day and bent, twisted dinted my current one, which is why i need a new one and i enquired bikebiz (australia) for a left hand radiator and they wanted $530 ....

If this is possible, i know the difference is the width of them basically, but is it possible?


I didn't want the same thing to happen to me so I got a pair of rad guards right after I got my '03 bike, and a skid plate and hand guards. I crashed plenty and still the rads are hanging in there!

.... but as for your immediate problem, i got no answers, sorry ..... tell us what you find out ...

539 dollars ?? WHAT ???????


Wait what is that in US money ?? $ 380.49 in US dollars, I just called them. Ouch

I just looked at my 04 Wr and my 09 WR, the water inlet/outlets are diffenrent in size and location....

If it is not leaking I would just ride it.

If it is leaking some, You can fix any small leaks, after untwisting it a lil bit with JB Weld, after all, you haven't lost anything to by attempting patching it up, if it seals, your good to go. Remember to remove any paint from the patch area, you want bare aluminum for the Patch.

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